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Founded in 2017, The Really Serious Game Company makes satirical, semi-autobiographical games for computers and mobile devices.


Yifat Shaik and Derek Quenneville became friends through their involvement in the maker & indie game communities in Toronto. After finding a common sense of humour, the two friends began working together at game jams, and  soon became creative partners. Now, as two halves of The Really Serious Game Company, they're hard at work on the commercial release of their first game.

Real Army Simulator

Originally prototyped at a game jam, Real Army Simulator is the first game to be released by The Really Serious Game Company. It will launch first on Steam for PC/Mac platforms in Q1 2018, and  come to mobile soon after.

The game is a humorous, slightly satirical, and sometimes real account of what it's really like to be a soldier in the army. Pulled from Yifat personal account of her mandatory army service in the Israeli army, Real Army Simulator tries to show a more realistic view of the army and what it’s really like to be a soldier

The Mattress of St. Dundas

The Mattress of St. Dundas explores life in the big city where everything is prosperous and wonderful… As long as you're already a homeowner.  This narrative adventure game -- currently in pre-production -- will ask: what happens when the  prosperity of our city leaves us behind?



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Awards and Recognition

Real Army Simulator has been exhibited and featured at several events in North America:

  •  Official Selection QGCon (2017)
  • Official Selection TCAF ComicsXGames (2016)
  • Official Selection Different Games Conference (2016)
  •  Official Selection Bit Bazaar XXL (2015)
  • Official Selection Boston FIG (2015)
  • Official Selection Teacade (2015)


Yifat Shaik
Co-Founder, Designer and Artist

Derek Quenneville
Co-Founder, Designer and Developer

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