real army simulator

Real Army Simulator is the often humorous, slightly satirical and sometime real account of what is really like to be a soldier in the army. Pulled from Yifat's real account of their mandatory army service in the Israeli army, Real Army Simulator tries to show a more realistic view of the army and what it’s like to be part of it. The game presents life in the army as being part of a large bureaucratic and mundane machine rather than the glorified heroic experience often depicted in game.

Real Army Simulator is a subversive look at the relationship between video games and the army. Moving to Canada, from Israel, highlighted the fact that our ideas of war and being a soldier come from popular media and bears little resemblance to the reality I experienced while doing mandatory service in the Israeli army.  The idea of Real Army Simulator is to use that real-life experience to present a different view of what being a soldier is like. We tried to create a game that is "boring", a sluggish mundane experience that takes a way the excitement out of the player idea of army and warfare.

Drawing inspiration from humorist subversive work, namely M.A.S.H, Blackadder and the film Modern Times, the game uses humor to present the army service as a long, boring bureaucratic process instead of the often heroic exciting experience portrayed in video games. The humor is used as a mean to make the game accessible enough that players will play the game despite it being designed as a non-enjoyable experience. To present to absurdity of the situation you are at, and to hopefully demonstrate to the players that the reality of this experience is very different then the image they might have constructed in their mind.

Every choice in the game is meant to be a subversive experience, from the less than obvious choices you make, to the floor acting as a conveyor belt, to the very feminine soft color palate that contrast with view of the army as a very masculine pursuit.

Awards & Recognition

Real Army Simulator has been exhibited and featured at several events in North America:

  • Official Selection QGCon (2017)
  • Official Selection TCAF ComicsXGames (2016)
  • Official Selection Different Games Conference (2016)
  • Official Selection Bit Bazaar XXL (2015)
  • Official Selection Boston FIG (2015)
  • Official Selection Teacade (2015)