The Mattress of St. Dundas

Artboard 1.png

What happens when the prosperity of our city leaves us behind? What does it mean to survive in a place where one group experiences unprecedented success, at the cost of housing and job security for the others? What does “neighbourhood” mean when people from both groups are neighbours?

The Mattress of St. Dundas is a semi-autobiographical, magical realism adventure game about gentrification in Toronto. The game examines the consequences of unchecked urban development in a story that has multiple outcomes and viewpoints.

Lily loses her job at a tech startup when it suddenly pivots to a garden center. Then she loses her apartment when the landlord sells to house flippers who plan to renovate. With nothing left, she moves in with her friend Yotam and another roommate in a big, run-down house.

Throughout the game, Lily sees the surrounding area change before her eyes. Long-standing local businesses disappear overnight and are replaced with bizarre upscale attractions. As she explores more of the neighbourhood, Lily notices a strange trend. People are leaving an unusual number of discarded mattresses out on the sidewalks. Her roommate relates the folk story of St. Dundas: a reclusive activist who is rumored to have saved another neighbourhood using… a mattress?


  • Derek Quenneville Game Designer/Developer

  • Yifat Shaik Game Designer/Art Director

  • Amanda Wong Project Manager

  • Queenie Chan Concept Art

  • Sophia Niergarth 3D Generalist

  • Nicole Skrypuch Developer

  • Level Curve Music/Sound